About Me and the Blog

About the Blog:

City Wife, Country Life is my personal blog. Frankly, I write about whatever strikes my fancy, but a few common themes have been: Catholic marriage, recipes, photos, real food, homesteading, homemaking, misadventures in gardening, and stories.

The blog is updated on a whim. I'm dedicated like that.

About Me:

Hello! So you want to know the woman behind the curtain, hm? Well, online I go by "Farmer's City Wife." I do have a lovely name, but you never know these days... some whacko might hunt me down and try to kill me for my top-secret fudge recipe... so I'll stick with the pseudonym for now.

Background, background. Well, I was living in the city, minding my own business, teaching at a charming little Catholic school and slaving away on my Ph.D. in Philosophy when the impossible happened. I met a guy.

Yeah... he was tall, dark and handsome... he was passionately Catholic...  he was charming and dashing and pretty much perfect. There was a slight problem: he lived on a farm a few thousand miles away. Doing the only logical thing, I ditched higher education, said goodbye to my loving family in city suburbia, and after a full 10 days of courting (we didn't want to rush things, after all), got engaged to this man of my dreams. Six months later we were married by a saint in a honkin' huge beautiful Catholic wedding.

Now we reside in the Northwest and earn our daily bread with the family cherry farm. We still live in town as we save to build our little "dream house" on five acres overlooking the river. I am a part-time Religion teacher at a local Catholic school, and am working towards my Master's in Teaching.

I'm left handed... just so you know.

Favorite Quotes:

"I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book." -- Groucho Marx

"A bowl of fruit is sometimes served in place of dessert. This practice should be discouraged." Miss Piggy

"Toothpicks give me goosebumps." My Mom