Our Love Story

If you like clean romance novels you might enjoy the story of how my husband and I met and fell in love. It's a little sappy and a little cheesy, but it's all true.

Cast of Characters

Meg  ---  My best friend in college
Miriam ---  Meg's roommate in college
Diana --- Miriam's best friend in college
Tim --- Miriam's brother who married Meg
Mr. Amazing --- Miriam's brother, my love

Part 1
Our first meeting; awkwardness abounds.

Part 2
Our second meeting; jilted and promptly forgotten.

Part 3
Meg's getting married; we meet again over pepper-jack cheese.

Part 4
Burned, shunned, smacked; a tale of woe.

Part 5
A turning of the tide... or is it? Epic fail.

Part 6
A segue; setting the stage.

Part 7
Our hoarse meeting, on his turf.

Part 8
How I nearly died on the farm.

Part 9
A late night conversation.

Part 10
The day I met my match.

Part 11
A surprise road trip, and a bitter goodbye.

Part 12
A phone call... at last! 

Part 13
The attraction cools.

Part 14
The dance.

Part 15
At long last... or is it?

Part 16
A private lesson in the orchard.
To be continued...