Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Favorite Lenten Reading

We're squarely in the middle of Lent now. Three and 1/2 weeks in, three weeks and three days until Easter.

I encourage you to keep on keepin' on!

While meditating on the Stations of the Cross (especially St. Peter Julian Eymard's Eucharistic Stations) is a favorite, as is this meditation on the Passion of Christ by St. Thomas More, I'm really really soaking up the goodness of In Conversation with God. There are three little meditations each day, which are great for morning, noon and evening prayers, and they are so fruitful.

Which are your favorite readings and meditations during Lent?


Wendy C. said...

I love In Conversation With God, too!  My mom got the full set when they first came out, and it's been on my own Christmas Wish List ever since :)  I finally received them as a gift this Christmas and I LOVE it!  I really like how often St. Josemaria is quoted, because he and St. Therese are the two saints who really help me to focus on serving God in my current station in life, not where I wish I was or could be.  Also, this Lent I've also been using the Magnificat Lenten Companion, which was given away freely on Ash Wednesday at my parish :)

Sarahlcc said...

I love the Anime Christi prayer, St. Augustine's prayer to the Holy Spirit and the Song of Solomon. 

Nadja Van der Stroom said...

In Conversation with God is my year-round reading.  I have taken to reading only one of the three parts each day (fits well with the Church's three year cycle) on the advice of my confessor, as he says I am better off reading less and meditating on it more.  I also love Anna Catherine Emmerich's The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ and St. Francis de Sales sermons for Lent.

Farmer's City Wife said...

Oh goodness, I would love a subscription to the Magnificat! I've had one off and on since they started but I'm currently on the "not subscribed" downswing :).

Farmer's City Wife said...

Oh, the Anime Christi is one of my favorites! Unfortunately I never memorized it, and the parish I'm in now doesn't have missalettes so it's not printed on the back. I should look it up now :).

Farmer's City Wife said...

Oh that's good advice :-D. Now I need to look up St. Francis de Sales' sermons... are they in a compilation or a stand-alone book?

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