Friday, October 1, 2010

Our Love Story, Part V

[Catch up on Parts I-IV here]

Yes, I waited almost until the end of the reception and there had been no offer to dance from My Miriam's Brother. I'd tried to remain lively company for my friends, but I couldn't help it... I was sulking. Oblivious to my infatuation, Mr. Amazing had now shunned me three times, and that was unpardonable.

I went back to the house where Mr. Amazing's family was staying, because (dance stealer) Diana was lodging there with Miriam. We talked and laughed for a good while; I chided her for making a move on my man (I could be quite free with Diana since she wasn't a member of his family as Miriam and now Meg were). Then the family came back. They were carting bottles of champagne (the wedding reception had been a teetotaler event) and were in lively spirits.

I threw my most chilling Gorgon glare at Mr. Amazing but it was wasted because he turned to close the door just as it would have hit its mark. At least now it was out of my system.

Miriam's father and uncle poured a round of champagne for us all and we toasted and sipped and laughed for the next hour while they entertained us with stories from their youth. The champagne put me in a more forgiving mood, and I even condescended to smirk at one of Mr. Amazing's bad puns.

At last the merriment died down and the wiser generation said their goodnights. There were a few ounces of bubbly left, so Mr. Amazing split it amongst us and Miriam, Diana and I somehow began talking about My Fair Lady.

I contended (and still do), that no self-respecting woman can feel happy with the ending of that movie (although I don't call into question the timelessness of the beautiful costumes and unforgettable music). In the play, Eliza leaves the no-good misogynist flat and marries Freddy, but the Hollywood ending is unbelievable and unsatisfying because without his undergoing any substantial change she goes back to Henry Higgins. Yes, he's had an awakening that perhaps he hasn't treated her in a way that respects her dignity as a human person to put it mildly, but all the proud blackguard can say is that he's "grown accustomed to her face." Disgraceful!

"And why should Henry Higgins have to change for her?" came a booming voice from the corner that I had forgotten was there.

Hm. So Mr. Amazing was finally acknowledging my existence... for the first time in four years.

What ensued shall go down in my personal history as one of the happiest and loveliest evenings of my life. Mr. Amazing and I talked and debated and sparred and laughed until almost dawn. The others had long tired of our philosophical conversations about substance and accidents and essences and principles and had fallen asleep. But it was truly electrifying. I credited it all with the two ounces of champagne I'd had many hours earlier, but of course the lightheaded dizzy ambrosia giddiness was love.

Pardon me the cheesiest line in all of blog-dom... but I can't resist...
♫♪ "I could have talked all night, I could have talked all night, and still have begged for more. I could have spread my wings, and done a thousand things, I've never done before. I'll never know what made it so exciting; why all at once my heart took flight. I only know when he began to talk with me I could have talked, talked talked... all night!" ♫♪
I still smile and blush a little when I think about the sweet joy of that evening. When I discovered that on top of his movie star good looks, solicitous sweetness, and saintly piety, that Mr. Amazing's mind was sharp, agile, and quick... I was hopelessly smitten.

I spent the night upstairs with Miriam and Diana, and the next morning my awkwardness around Mr. Amazing was gone. I could look and smile at him without timidity or shyness. We'd had a true meeting of the minds.

I flew home more on air than in a plane and promptly did what I knew how to do best. I cooked. Lemon poppyseed muffins, banana nut muffins, and chewy chocolate chip cookies, airmailed to Mr. Amazing's whole family with little notes to each of them. It would have been far too obvious if I had just sent a note to Mr. Amazing, so I had to write everybody and tell them how much I enjoyed the wedding. Without indicating my adoration in any way, I wanted to make sure that he wouldn't forget me this time.

I had never thought to ask if he was seeing someone else. The thought of it never even occurred to me; he was so plainly perfect for me. So a month later when I got a call from Miriam, my whole world turned upside down.

Mr. Amazing had just announced his engagement.

Readers... for the first time since early childhood, I sobbed uncontrollably.

To be continued...


Jenna St. Hilaire said...

Merciful GOODNESS. This is torture. Are you sure you don't have an up-and-coming career as a romantic suspense writer? :P

Marie said...

New to your blog, and this is killing me! I know the ending, but how'd you get there? Oh, please continue asap!

The Sojourner said...

In the play, Eliza leaves the no-good misogynist flat and marries Freddy, but the Hollywood ending is unbelievable and unsatisfying because without his undergoing any substantial change she goes back to Henry Higgins.


I'm glad now that I've never seen the movie.

One more time: WHAAAAAAAAAT!?!?

Also, am on tenterhooks like everybody else. Do keep writing.

Katherine said...

When you say the play, do you mean Pygmailian or a play version of My Fair Lady? I've only seen the film and I despise the ending. You are giving me hope I would like the play but I'm not sure which play you are referring to.

Miriam said...

Best episode so far!!!!! "Well put."

P.S. For some reason or other, I think it's spelled "blackguard".

Farmer's City Wife said...

Thank you all for your kind comments.

Katherine: Yes, Pygmalion is the play that the movie is loosely based on.

Miriam: You're right. Last time I use :) (although lots of "real" and good words just aren't in Merriam-Webster).

Colleen said...

OH NO!!!!!!!

Maria said...

I LOVE your story! I am on pins & needles waiting for the next part!

Jen and Eric said...

What?!! Engaged?!?! How can you leave us hanging *here*?! My week is ruined!! And while, yes, I know how it ends... I'm still about to start crying for you...

On another note, you really *must* compile all these blog posts and save them for posterity... you write entirely too well!


Nicole said...

I've read your whole story to date; just read the following essay ( ) and thought of you and this chapter!

Waiting for the next installment...

Farmer's City Wife said...

What an awesome article, Nicole. It perfectly articulated the feelings I have
about My Fair Lady vs. the written play... but also opened my eyes to my
husband's side ;).

Thanks for sharing! I'll let him read it tonight.

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