Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Quick Way to Empty the Fridge

Well, we're back from Florida!! It was... as expected... sunny, warm and beautiful.

Anyway, knowing we were going to be gone a whole week, I had to quickly empty my fridge before we left. I hate throwing away food, and we had a ton of vegetables that were on the cusp of going bad.

In a brilliant stroke of genius and inspiration...


Lots of vegetables and meat...

The black olives... and peppers... and mushrooms... sausage and pepperoni... ooey gooey cheese.

Kinda makes your mouth water a bit, hm?

 I think the bubbly browned cheese is the best, though.

We packed a whole pizza in zip-locks for the plane ride. Uuuh... yum.

And it's so stinkin' easy!!

Get my recipe for homemade pizza.


Rachel said...

Yay! Welcome back! The Pizza looks YUMMY!

Anonymous said...

That looks so stinkin good! I was going to make spaghetti tonight, but now I am thinking pizza!

Nadja said...

Mouth watering here...

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