Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tossin' the Pigskin

Well, this Friday and Saturday when others are shopping the Black Friday sales, taking post-Thanksgiving naps, watching football games... I'll be tossing the pigskin.




It's butchering time, and we're going to be making fresh sausages. I really hope not to witness the slaughter itself, but I've got to be around the day of because we're making (don't gag) blood sausage, boudin, bratwurst, Italian sausage -- they all need fresh meat (and blood and liver).

If I actually go through with this thing, I'll try to post some non-gory pictures!


Rachel said...

My sister and brother-in-law just recently slaughtered their two pigs, "Ribs" and "Porkchop." Both are currently in their freezer... I'm sure they'll be great Christmas Ham this year, but I think I'll go vegetarian instead. I'm not sure I can eat something someone I know raised...

Kate said...

welcome to farm life XD

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