Thursday, April 22, 2010

Small... but Not


1. Looked at a dairy cow! Oh, how the dreams of homemade butter, yogurt, ice cream, cheese and fresh raw milk are now floating through my idealistic brain. I spent a fair part of yesterday daydreaming about smoked cheese. But this is a success because I've dreamed about dairy cows for a few years now and have finally searched in earnest for (and... found?) a local Jersey.

2. Took Sunday off of teaching Religious Ed. Sometimes success comes in the way of saying, "no." As such, I had a glorious full day with my husband!

3. Returned a library book. Don't judge me; this is big.

Check out others' successes and share your own this week at Faith & Family Live!


Nadja said...

Oooh. A cow. We have two Jerseys and a heifer calf. Cows are like potato chips--you can't have just one. Don't say I didn't warn you!

A great forum for dairy cow owners is on my sidebar--the Keeping A Family Cow forum. Every bit of information you could want!

Rachel said...

YAY! I'm so proud of you, especially for #2! =)

Melissa said...

Good for you for saying no! Sometimes its hard to do, but it is worth it!

ViolinMama said...

What a GREAT list. Very inspirational for me, even with a new baby due within days? weeks? Bless you for inspiring me to keep going!!

Much love!

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