Thursday, April 29, 2010

Trick to Keeping House Clean


1. Kept my house nearly spotless for a whole week! Know the trick? Never be at home. If you only come home to go to sleep and take a shower, it's amazing at how things stay clean.

2. Planted another garden bed! Actually it was compulsory planting. I left the seed packet out overnight when it rained and they all sprouted. After planting a full packet each of tangy mesculun, buttercrunch and salad bowl variety, we should have enough lettuce to feed.... half the county?

3. Saved $20 in cell phone overage charges (bleh) by buying an extra 100 minutes for $5.

Check out others' small successes and share your own at Faith & Family Live.


Unknown said...

Great list!! #1 made me LOL! So true though! Happy gardening!
Blessings and Grace...

Maria said...

Great job this week! Yep, #1 is definitely true! LOL on #2! I haven't even thought about our garden yet for this year.

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