Friday, June 11, 2010

All the Difference in the World

"Behold the heart that has loved men so much, and is loved so little in return."

As we near another milestone in our marriage, I invariably become a little downcast about our as yet unfulfilled dream of little hands and feet around the dinner table. Chubby cheeks, dimpled fingers, toddler speak and the like.

But God has the dearest way of sending love notes. Yesterday there was, again, a full double rainbow at the farm.

A dear priest I know used to say, "People have always had crosses. But the difference of Christianity is that now Christ is on that cross with you, stretching out his arms to embrace you and sustain you. And that makes all the difference."

And you know what? It does.

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Joy said...

Hugs! Beautiful words and images (I love double rainbows!). Holding you and yours in prayer.

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