Thursday, June 10, 2010

Small Successes this Week


1. Have started playing the piano a lot more. An 88 year old man in the area who can no longer play gave me his entire stash of piano music... mostly Broadway tunes and country music from the 40's and 50's (some of my favorite stuff). It's really fun, and my husband really enjoys it when I play.

2. Have gone to daily Mass more this week than I did all of last month combined (ouch... and it's only Thursday). The possibility of having your cherry crop wiped out by the weather brings you to your knees pretty quickly. We just have another 12 days or so to make it. Please please pray for us!

3. Have started cooking again since I realized I don't have to make a new recipe every night... I can reuse old ones. (Don't scoff. I was on a kick for a long time of having to outdo myself with each dinner. Sometimes, though, dinner needn't be an event or production and doesn't have to have a "wow factor," it can just be good ol' sustenance).

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Sahmatwork said...

Love #3. Care to share some recipes? I'm afraid I rely on the oldies but goodies a little too much!

Maria said...

I just LOVE #1! What a GREAT selection of piano music! I ought to start playing ours more often. I'm not great at playing, but I do enjoy it.

Karen said...

Oo!! I'd love some recipes, too!! I feel like I'm always making the same thing.

Unknown said...

Great list my friend! I will be praying with #2. I laughed with #3 because I feel the same way sometimes! LOL! It's time to resurrect the oldie but goodie file!
I hope you have a week filled with LOTS of music!

Tori said...

I can relate with the new recipes! I discovered last fall that I really do love to cook, and may have gotten a bit over-ambitious about it. It is nice to fall back some older (and easier!) recipes sometimes. I like the comfort factor, too.

I noticed a Pioneer Woman recipe on your recipe page...always fun to find another fan!

I'll keep your cherries in my prayers!

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