Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Guilty Secret

We're less than two weeks away from our wedding anniversary.

It's not our first anniversary.

And... uh... I have a confession to make.

I still haven't legally changed my name.

I introduce myself by my married name, of course! And I sign checks that way. And I have a library card in that name. And I sign all correspondence that way... but... well...

I hate the department of licensing! You wait, and wait, and wait... and get tossed from one line to the next as you fill out Side A of this form and Side C.145 Subsection 29 of this form, to go back to the end of the line, to come back next week with another form of ID. Then you finally get to the end of the mumbo-jumbo and receive a card with your own likeness in the most unattractive mug shot of all time. "$10 please."

Well, I've been challenging myself to get it done for... a long time... but it never happened. So I picked a surefire way to do it: I bought a plane ticket under my married name. There ain't no way I'm messin' with the TSA Agents over nomenclature; I wanna fly under the radar, so to speak.

So, in anticipation of my flight home for Christmas, today I braved the hour and a half wait and officially became a member of my husband's family.

"Do you want to hyphenate?"

I almost did it just to see my husband's expression. 

"Um... no, thank you."

And the picture? Well... it bears a remarkable resemblance to Picture #4.

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