Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Secret Talents of Awkward Adolescents

My 11 year old niece has spent a lot of time, lately, wondering what to do with her life. Career options are percolating in her mind most of the day, and possible professions are her favorite topic of conversation.

Wow. I'm so glad I'm not at that age anymore.

But she rejects most of the more ambitious options as being "too hard," or "doesn't pay enough," or plain and simply, "I'm not interested in it." It's good to know your mind and your limits, I suppose.

In her Vocabulary book, there was a blurb about professional mourners. Apparently a few hundred years ago, affluent families with few friends would hire professional mourners to pack the churches and weep at the funerals of their forgotten folks.

My niece has decided that this is her calling in life.

"I can cry easily. I'm good at being dramatic. And funerals usually have pretty good food at the receptions."

What more could you want for in a job?

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Marie said...

Way too funny..I am going to have to make sure my nieces read this one...Sounds like them! 13 and 16 they are!

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