Friday, April 15, 2011

The Difference Between Men and Women

When it comes to picking movies for date nights, my darling husband has agreed to so many regency period BBC miniseries and Jane Austen adaptations that it's a wonder we don't have a constant hankering for tea and crumpets.

Last week, taking a break from the love stories I enjoy so much, we started the BBC nature series, "The Life of Birds."

I was fascinated by the episodes on flying, on skeletal structure, and on sap and bug eaters, but my darling kept dozing off.

Then came the episode, "Meat-Eaters."

He watched with rapt attention as little bunnies were dive-bombed by vultures and fuzzy rodents were picked apart or swallowed whole by carnivorous condors. After a 15 minute barrage of slaughter I couldn't watch it anymore.

"Can we please watch a different episode? I can't handle this one; there's too much action and violence."

"Oh man, this was the most interesting one! Which episode would you rather watch?"

"Oh, I dunno... how about the episode on birdy courtships?"


Molly said...

Haha! We're on a BBC kick right now, too. I'm sure we would have had the same conversation over "The Life of Birds" though. :)

Celeste L Behe said...

Things are a bit different here at the Behe household. When it's my husband's turn to pick a movie, he'll invariably choose something cerebral. Me, I just look for escapist flicks where the good guy wins. And I don't mind some violence, as long as it's not little kids who are getting hurt.

Farmer's City Wife said...


Farmer's City Wife said...

Escapist flicks? Amen!
One of the things I dislike most about a lot of modern movies is that the good guy isn't wholly good. Sometimes he wins by doing something bad, or even worse, sometimes the "good guy" isn't good at all; he's just the protagonist. In the end we're supposed to feel triumphant that he wins until we remember, "wait a second, that guy is a crook!"
Examples: The Italian Job, Inception... I know there are others... :)

Celeste L Behe said...

Exactly! That's why we need to be so vigilant in monitoring our kids' viewing. And we need to be careful ourselves, because this stuff is so insidious...

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