Friday, January 25, 2013

This Week on Pinterest

As always, there were a ton of cute and good ideas on Pinterest this week. Here were some of my favorites:

{Pin from Number-2-Pencil}

This recipe for chocolate chip cookies is ingenious because it makes only two cookies. No leftovers to tempt you beyond your steely resolve!

{Pin from}

Here's a simple idea for hanging pictures. Put some toothpaste where the nail holes go, push the frame against the wall and nail there -- no more guessing or measuring.

{Pin from}

This is a tasteful compilation of 25 Ikea Hacks (cheap Ikea furniture redone to look high end). Some of the results here are beautiful!


Caramel "Apple" Grapes. These would be adorable for a party appetizer. I think they might be even better if rolled in toffee bits.

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