Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Poor Dearest Darling: The Silver Lining

Every January I get a bee under my bonnet to redecorate. New year, fresh look. Our kitchen is a lovely shade of wedding mint green, but it's time for it to go.

I have a dozen shades of grey paint chips on the wall that I've been evaluating. Unable to whittle them down, I asked my husband (who is green colorblind) which he liked best.

He examined the options carefully, appeared bemused for a moment and uttered:

"They're all nice, but they all look exactly like what we've got now."


Mikki Clagett said...

That kind of happened to us here at our house.
I wanted to paint our hallway a new color. I thought it was original and would look great. After getting done my husband pulled me into my little office (that I hadn't been in since I started painting) and there was the same wall color as the hallway... guess the old owners of the house had good taste too.
Good luck choosing a new paint.
Happy New Year!

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