Monday, April 28, 2014

101 Old Goals Revisited

Almost 3 years ago I posted a "101 in 1001 Days" list (though I could never come up with 101 goals) and it "expires" on May 8, 2014. That's not too far away so I thought I'd check in and see how it went.

Honestly, I never actively tried to fulfill these goals, but it's fun to look back and see that I accomplished the majority of them anyway!

1. Generate a small monthly supplemental income (stipend for playing the piano for Mass)
2. Start and use a sourdough starter (kept it going several months)
3. Renew my consecration to the Blessed Mother (did the 33 Days to Morning Glory consecration)
4. Finish a 9 day novena without missing any days (boo yah!)
5. Go to Mass every day for three months (sadly didn’t make it, but almost last Lent)
6. Help set up irrigation on our property (done!)
7. Exercise 4 times a week for three months (Just barely made the three months, but I did)
8. Lose 60 pounds (halfway there! And confident the last half will be done this year)
9. Make sauerkraut (the Nourishing Traditions way) love this stuff
10. Grow enough basil to freeze pesto (bumper crop last Summer)
11. Go fishing, catch something, and eat it the same night (some day)
12. Finish knitting a scarf (it’s purty)
13. Go swing dancing (does a wedding count?)
14. Make sushi (no, but I ate some for the first time)
15. Spend a night in a cabin at Mt. Rainier (this has been on my to-do list since getting married)
16. Pray the Rosary every day for three months (54 day Rosary novenas are great start)
17. Start an orchard on our property (only in my dreams)
18. Hang a real curtain over the sliding glass door (privacy is a wonderful thing)
19. Paint the chicken coop
20. Render lard (yummy)
21. Render tallow (stinky but good)
22. Take a painting class (I still want to do this very badly)
23. Win a ribbon in the county fair (I’m sure I’d win if I’d ever enter, hehe)
24. Get paid to write an article (this isn’t so much a goal anymore)
25. Finish reading 5 great classics (audio books helped… is that cheating?)
26. Go to the symphony with my husband (sigh)
27. Go miniature golfing (almost, but it was too dark the day we went)
28. Eat a duck egg (I ate a goose egg!)
29. Donate my hair to Locks of Love (14 inches)
30. Shoot a round of billiards (8 ball in the corner pocket… I tried and failed, but it was fun!)
31. Make and use cloth napkins (why did I wait so long to do this?)
32. Get more than 1000 page hits in one day (one or two posts randomly went viral)
33. Go swimming (I need a pool all to myself before I’ll do this)
34. Make kimchi (golly I like this stuff now)
35. Go to a state I've never been to (Nevada, Michigan, Wisconsin, North and South Dakota, Deleware, Maine, Alaska, or Hawaii) – I was a few miles away from Deleware at one point, but I never made it
36. Sleep in a tent (see #37)
37. Drive through a Redwood tree in CA (childhood dream, still haven’t fulfilled it)
38. Make a surprise dessert for a friend (cream puffs make people happy)
39. Sell something in an Etsy shop (I set up a shop… but haven’t stocked it)
40. Be able to identify 10 new constellations (um, Big Dipper… and uh… Big Dipper)
41. Identify all of the countries of Europe and their capitals (yah, no)
42. Study Algebra 2 (I worked through Algebra 1 again, and I’ll start Algebra 2 soon, so I consider this done)
43. Successfully grow 5 new crops in the garden (Herbs were great for this goal)
44. Pay off one student loan (freedom!!)
45. Brew Kombucha and Water Kefir (I make some great kombucha, but the water kefir never tasted good)
46. Go on a silent retreat.  (I was surprised by this one, actually, but I did it!)
47. Make an African dish for dinner (it was disgusting)
48. Go a month without grocery shopping (pantry raids) (I’ve done this twice now, actually)
49. Milk a dairy animal (ooh, so close! I ALMOST got to milk a goat!!)
50. Finish a 30 day photo-a-day challenge (meh, too much work)
51. Sew a garment and wear it in public (BAH hahaha! Actually, I did buy some skirt patterns)
52. Grow enough peas to freeze  (can you believe I grew enough peas to freeze, but I never harvested them?? Epic fail)
53. Read a great author I haven't read before (Victor Hugo and Willa Cather)
54. Go on a spontaneous overnight roadtrip (is it "spontaneous" if you didn’t intend it to be overnight but were forced to from inclement weather?)
55. Grow my own miniature potted citrus trees
56. Work on a Habitat for Humanity house (I got my husband to do it twice, so that almost counts!)
57. Make wine (inadvertently made apple jack…)
58. Get a new hairstyle (I’m ready to do this again)
59. Hang a picture gallery on a wall (I have one in mind, but I still haven’t done it)
60. Learn to play a new piece of classical music on the piano (Moonlight Sonata)
61. Write a piece of liturgical music (well, I wrote the words for an Advent song, but I haven’t set it to music)
62. Make a pressed cheese (I’ve made cheese, but still not a pressed one)
63. Have a definite floorplan for the dream house (it’s narrowed down to 5 options)
64. Build a piece of furniture
65. Build a greenhouse (bought the plastic)
66. Send a letter to the editor (wrote one but never sent it)
67. Successfully start tomato seeds (STILL this goal eludes me!!! And I try EVERY year!!!)
68. Cater a parish event (funerals count)
69. Make a perfect loaf of sourdough bread (the perfect loaf eludes me; this one is hard)
70. Make bakery-quality cannoli (it was phenomenal)
71. Make bakery-quality tiramasu (it made me cry it was so delicious)
72. Climb "the hill" 

41-42 out of 72 is more than 50%. I still have a few days left to milk that dairy animal and hang the gallery wall. I might cram to learn some constellations, too (while sleeping in a tent?).

I'm excited to make a new list for the next 1001 days!

Maybe I'll put "Finish the Love Story" on it.


Kristen said...

Those statistics aren't too bad! I have 'crochet a cardigan' on my goals for this summer, and I've been teaching myself to play the piano (which is going surprisingly well, considering how bad I am at it). I'm always happy to see when you post something new. :)

Farmer's City Wife said...

Aw, thanks Kristen!

Crocheting a cardigan? What a lovely goal! I never used to want to learn crochet because it seemed like a lot of time and labor, and the only results I'd ever seen were ugly dated items in thrift stores or yard sales. Since then, I've seen some GORGEOUS crocheted items on Pinterest that have made me change my mind! I'm resisting opening a Ravelry account because I don't need one more internet time zapper, but your goal has inspired me to go buy some yarn and learn this craft! There are some beautiful granny square quilts I want to try.

Rachel Caron said...

I LOVED this exercise! I think I'm going to re-do one :) Here's what I accomplished from my 101 list:

Finish reading all the Harry Potter books

See all the Harry Potter Movies

Get Certified as a Pastoral Associate in
the Archdiocese of Chicago

Become a Big Sister through the Big Brother
Big Sister Program

Help a friend of mine go on a date (it
wasn’t the friend I intended to help but helped one get the confidence to go on
a date!)

Get a massage.

Learn to make a great Curry.

Go through all my belongings and donate 35

Try Ethiopian food.

Get a Netflix subscription.

Exercise 2x a week – every week. (got
better at this as I started planning the wedding! )

Have my immediate family visit me in

Get engaged.

Go skiing.

Earn enough frequent flyer miles to get a
free flight

Get something cool from my credit card
rewards program

Go out 2x a week – be more social!

Get a pedicure.

Remain 120 lbs. (close enough!)

Bring communion to the homebound.

Write a Parent Newsletter for the CCD
program each month.

Welcome 10 people into the Church through
the RCIA process.

Get my bike fixed

Register “my” car under my name.

Switch my driver’s license to Illinois.

Register to vote in Illinois.

Meet Cardinal George.

Give everyone I buy gifts for Christmas
something from the Heifer project or Ten Thousand Villages. (I bought them ‘gifts’
(donated in their name) from Catholic Relief Services J)

Write to my nun friends.

Discern what to do about current
‘relationship’ – move forward or move on; and do it.

Join an adult kickball league here in Chicago.

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