Monday, July 27, 2009

No Small Potatoes

I thought my library fines were bad. They're nothing compared to cop fines!!

Not wearing a seatbelt, when driving 1/2 a mile, at 11pm, coming home from a HOLY HOUR... well, let's just say it costs just a few dollars less than this chef's knife I kinda want but could never justify.

It would've been a lot worse if the copper hadn't turned a blind eye to the fact that a certain someone was driving without a license (though who brings their license to adoration, really?), and with a car insurance card that expired the day before (kid you not).

By the way, it wasn't my ticket, which means I have bargaining power for the next few months... "Hm... fresh portabella mushrooms aren't in our budget? Even if I wear a seatbelt when I go to the grocery store?" Just kidding, of course. I don't play marriage blackmail games like that (no matter how sorely tempted), but it does give me teasing leverage for a few months.

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