Tuesday, December 29, 2009

All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go

I'm really lost without internet in our house. But, we received our high speed modem / wireless router in the mail yesterday! I was so excited I actually did a little dance.

Of course, though, there's always one missing crucial piece that's 'not included.' Batteries, perhaps? Or a printer with no USB cable. Or cameras... no memory card. Instant gratification is the unattainable holy grail of technology. So I was preparing myself to open the box and not have a power cord, or a CAT5 cable, or a phone cord. Imagine my shock when every single necessary item was included in that little box of joy!! I added a few steps to my happy dance.

Plug and play, baby... plug and play!

Wrappers flying, twisty ties tossed aside, insert cord here, power up item here... wait a second... hang on...

I did not know until 11:32pm last night that we don't have any phone jacks in the house.

Thwarted again.

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