Thursday, December 10, 2009

Small Stuff


1. I made bread this week! It's my 3rd try (and the first attempts weren't roaring successes, but I was determined to stick with it). I had my first true bread baking success. Light fluffy loaf, husband's nod of approval, cost a fraction of store-bought bread and has no dubious ingredients. Yay!

2. Made a rather mature financial decision (despite the fact my inner child was throwing a tantrum) not to buy a Christmas tree this year because we have no ornaments or lights (our first Christmas). Instead, we put our priorities straight and bought a nativity scene, I made an Advent wreath, and we'll slowly start accumulating ornaments and lights for next year (in the post-Christmas clearances). (I can't even buy this adorable dinnerware!! Ah well.)

3. I called my senators this week. I've sent form e-mails in the past, but I've never had the courage to call them. I don't know what I was afraid of -- it was so simple! Sadly our state's senators helped vote down the pro-life health care legislation, but at least I wasn't silent.

Check out others' small successes this week @ Faith and Family Live.


I'm going to try my hand at pasta making today! Say a small prayer it turns out well, please :).


Judy Dudich said...

Oh my goodness...this list needs to be on a new meme which would be entitled "AWESOME AND GREAT SUCCESSES". ::APPLAUDS AND SMILES::

Melissa said...

Good job on the bread! I love making bread but haven't done it in awhile, I'd love to get back to it.

Lynn said...

Small successes nothing! Those are all HUGE!!

I'm definitely not so good at making bread - unless it's with my bread machine.

Here's an idea for you re: no Christmas Ornaments - might not help you, but will benefit your future children. Buy each child an ornament every year that commemorates some milestone or something significant that happened that year. But a second more generic ornament also. Use these to decorate YOUR tree as your children are growing up. When they are grown and getting married, give the ornaments as a wedding gift. Be sure to include a little story with each ornament. This is what I am doing for my 5 children. I also have ornaments on my tree that remind me of each of my former foster children. My parents gave me the ornaments collected through my life when I got married (no stories though).

Have a truly blessed First Christmas together!!

Maria said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday! It's always nice to hear from a new friend in the blogosphere!

Super successes! Ditto to Lynn's ornament suggestion. My parents bought us a new ornament each year & that was the one gift we opened before bed on Christmas Eve. We now do the same for our munchkins, trying to find one that fits their personality &/or interests of the year.

bakerstreetrider said...

Sadly, Senators Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray of Washington are Catholic. The next step could be to write to your bishop encouraging him to take appropriate steps.

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