Monday, December 14, 2009

Renewal of Card Parties

While reading O'Henry's short stories yesterday, I was amused by the frequent references to class, good breeding, elegant manners, and high society. These social refinements are now relics of a not-too-distant past. Elegance was the first casualty of efficiency. Nobleness of character and manner are quaint fashions in the shock-and-awe crudery of modernity.

Not while I still draw breath.

My husband spent over an hour last night trying to explain Pinochle to me. I'm determined to revive the great American tradition of card parties. My goal is Bridge, but I'll settle for anything above Crazy 8's, Go Fish and Texas Hold 'Em.

This Saturday, we're inviting another couple over to play cards. I'll get to make hors d'œuvres and serve them on a silver tray. We'll sip sherry and laugh politely amidst trumps and tricks and queens and jacks.

Maybe I'll wear pearls.


Andrew said...

Count us in, next time we're in town! Have you guys ever played Settlers of Catan? Not a card game, but great fun.

Anonymous said...

Oh! I would love that!!!!!

Lynn said...

We'll be playing Euchre with another couple soon! I cannot wait.

Farmer's City Wife said...

Andy - when ARE y'all going to be in town next? We'll be relatively close to your neck of the woods on January 9th (weather permitting).

Amy Caroline, I wish we lived closer; I think we would be good friends :).

Lynn: Euchre!! I so want to learn how to play. It seems to be a regional game... Minnesotans and Michiganers play it a lot. People in the NW haven't caught on yet.

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