Thursday, May 27, 2010

Self Back Pat


1. After browsing Amazon, I called a (gasp) real store to price an item. For the first time ever, I found something cheaper in a store than on Amazon.

2. Didn't complain (or pout) when I had to fly solo for our late night Holy Hour and come home alone (husband was working really late). Especially since the burglary, I don't like being by myself late at night, but I figured either way I'd be going to see God.

3. With two doses a day, I haven't missed taking my prescription even once this week! (Now vitamins on the other hand...)

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Joy said...

Great list, hope the antibiotics are helping you feel better!

Sahmatwork said...

Thanks for your comment today, you actually made me laugh out loud, and I needed that. I miss my good sense of humor!

Anonymous said...

That thing about Amazon is incredible. I never find anything cheaper at another store!

Katherine said...

Good for you on the meds! And going to late night adoration is good medicine too! Congrats!

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