Monday, August 16, 2010

Let's Do This Thing

I'm totally and completely in school mode now. We're starting next Monday and since I don't have another job, this year, I can really focus on making the school year what it should be for my nieces.

Last year I didn't stray from the curriculum much. A page a day in each workbook, a lesson a day in each math book, a story a day each reader... our days were well scheduled but totally predictable. Frankly it was boring.

This year, now that I've paid my library fines, I intend to supplement. More literature, more history enrichment, more science, more art projects.

The kids' section of the library even intimidated me as a kid -- there were just too many books. How do you know which ones are lemons with an agenda and which ones are jewels? Seton has a supplemental reading booklist, and I like the DK Eyewitness books (for science, especially)... so using my library's online catalog I was able to list and request each book I wanted (from the shared library network). I can pick them all up at my library without wading through the shelves.

Is this working the system or what? It's amazing.

If everything goes on schedule, there should even be 30 minutes each day for "miscellaneous subjects" including computer skills, needlework, music, art, public speaking, cooking, sewing, etc.

I'm always over-ambitious at the beginning of the year. But if not then, when?

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