Saturday, August 7, 2010

Smashing the Devil Traps

To paraphrase Bishop Montrose (quoted yesterday), the devil can hide amidst the confusion and chaos of a messy cluttered home. Junk drawers, paper piles, smoldering laundry heaps, deep dark closets. Yah.

I don't know precisely when I decided to take a vacation from battling clutter. But for the past few months, "cleaning" meant moving the junk from one pile to another long enough to dust and sweep.

I'm usually rather orderly, but somehow I turned a blind eye to all of this stuff. I "never knew when I'd need it." Well, I still don't, but I'm now just assuming since I never have, I never will.

Over the last 36 hours there's been some intense purging. 8 garbage and 3 give away bags. Considering the size and contents of our home, that's probably downsizing by ¼. I've opened the blinds and windows and fresh air and sunlight are pouring in.

The house feels palpably holier and more peaceful. And I'm not joking.


Unknown said...

really really true,

Stephanie F Ohio said...

Thank you for the motivation. I am a pile person. I have at least one in every room. Today, I shall start removing said piles from my home. I want a smaller house but I'll never get there with this clutter.

Farmer's City Wife said...

It was a good reminder for me, too :). Thanks, Stephanie!

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