Monday, August 23, 2010


Three weeks ago I began the new cleaning routine. So far? Still on the bandwagon! The dishes are done each night before going to bed, laundry is begun, house clutter picked up and clothes are laid out. Each morning the dishes are put away, laundry is dried, the bathroom is "swished and swiped," and peace reigns. I'm not exaggerating or joking when I say it: our home is palpably holier.

Having a "system" in place is making all the difference. I need routine, I need habits, I need order and schedule; I thrive on them.

This morning I started a new walking routine. 5am? I'll never do it. 6am? Not likely. 7am? I think I can deal with this. Trying to wake up too early, in the past, has thwarted my efforts before they began. Not only was I trying to implement exercising, I was also trying to wake up earlier than normal. Two new (and, to me, unpleasant) habits was too much and I always inevitably failed.

With this 7am regime I have new hope.

I also have a blister on my left pinkie toe.

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