Saturday, October 2, 2010

Either/Or or Both/And?

I just made caramel and it's absolutely delicious. But the stuff has 10x more bonding power than extra strength super glue.

I also just discovered that my dishwasher is broken.

I can either go stick my head in a hole and cry, or I can offer up this housewifery suffering for the success of my husband's endeavors and the conversion of poor sinners.

*thinking pause*

Actually, I think this is a both / and proposition.


becky said...

Just remember that it can always be worse...and sometimes its not as bad as you think. I have six children and my dishwasher died on me right before Lent 2010. At first I was entirely struck with terror, then I decided to hand-wash as a penance through Lent. End of story? We still do not have a dishwasher, now by choice.

Kansas Mom said...

I've found an overnight soak an essential end to a day of successful caramel making.

So glad you tried it out!

Farmer's City Wife said...

LOL, yeah... we grew up without a dishwasher but I've become spoiled having one now. I remembered my Mom saying "there's never any reason to scrub, you just soak it in hot soapy water." Amazing magic, that stuff is.

Kansas Mom: oh my goodness, it was amazing!

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