Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Musings

Right Now:  It's about 11am. My nieces are doing Reading and Phonics. It's downright cold outside but I'm in denial and am keeping the windows open anyway. I'm also hoping the neighbors won't complain that we still have 27 chickens in our garage, though Howard the rooster keeps crowing and betraying our secret. They're going to go out to the farm soon, to their spacious new digs... really!

This Weekend:  Was not blissful as usual. My husband and his brother are planting some new hay fields, but it's a massive undertaking. For the past five months I was slowly getting used to having him gone 16 hours a day, 6 days a week and only coming home to eat dinner and go to sleep, but now he had to work on Sunday as well. It was "necessary" labor, and of course we still went to Mass, but I don't feel refreshed and like I can face another week of this, having been robbed of a Sabbath.

Some Plans for the Week:  In a moment of weakness enthusiastic zeal I volunteered to play the piano for the Sunday "youth Mass." Our first rehearsal is tonight.

I need to bake bread (this is a weekly happening now that we're not buying it) and pick up the slack to do the chores my husband does, since he's away every waking hour (and many sleeping hours, too). I know I can operate a lawn mower, but we're just going to have to go without weed-eating around the fence, as that contraption makes me wrists hurt. Time to take out the trash, too.

If I Find Some Time for Myself, I Want To: write a letter to my sister. I've been neglecting her far too long.

Some Prayer Intentions: for the hay project to be successful and quickly finished.

Something that Makes Me Smile: Sunlight through windows, and grapes about to be frozen.

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Colleen said...

For some reason, I'm craving some juicy grapes.

And can't you get your little homeschoolers to do some landscaping as part of their fitness class?

Nadja said...

Oh, frozen grapes are one of the best treats! And who knew they could look so luminous?

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