Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Musings: BLIZZARD Edition

Right is 5:15pm. I'm thinking about changing tonight's meal plan... and making some bread before my husband gets home.

This weekend... was great. On Saturday I labored eight hours and almost finished my birthday gifts for "Meg" and "Miriam" of Our Love Story fame. They both have December birthdays. Oooh, how I wish I could show pictures! I'm so pleased with my handiwork! Even if they don't like or use them, I'm happy with how the gifts turned out.

On Sunday I spent most of the day fretting about playing the piano for the evening "Youth Mass." Stage fright doesn't begin to describe my paranoia about playing in public. I started playing the piano and organ for Masses when I was 12, and did so for 6 years. Almost every Sunday, without fail, I could be found in the bathroom before Mass... regurgitating breakfast. I never got used to the pressure. So, I don't know what possessed me to volunteer to play again. Romanticized nostalgia, no doubt.

Anyway, it went really well (it almost always does), but having spent the whole day fretting, copying music, practicing... I feel cheated out of a day of rest!

Some plans for this week... I'm not going anywhere! We are positively buried in... well.. 6 or 8 inches (but it feels like 6 or 8 feet to me!) of snow. I'm from the South. Snow scares the bazookie out of me.

I'll be huddled inside, drinking therapeutic hot chocolate, wrapped in blankets, and dreaming of Spring if anybody wants me this week.

If I can find time for myself, I want to... oh, I'll have plenty of time to myself this week. I do not drive in snow. I guess I'll be able to make some more Christmas gifts, to do a lot of baking, and make some decorations for our home; being absolutely confined within these walls during this fierce blizzard of 2010, I've noticed today how sparse it is.

Some prayer intentions for the week... for an official snow day tomorrow (these darned seasoned Northerners only do 2 hour school delays). But I'd also like to pray for those who do not have adequate clothing or shelter for this weather. And, in utter, complete, and total thanksgiving that my husband's headlong face-down fall from the hay stack did not result in sudden death, or paralyzation, but merely a scratch on the nose.

Something that makes me smile: snow with sweetened condensed milk, perhaps?

Or... maybe... a husband who can't resist snowball fights.

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Nadja said...

I am envious of your winter wonderland! Actually, I only love snow during Advent and Christmas; helps me get in the mood for baking and decorating! By mid January I don't want it anymore. I grew up in Germany with plenty of snow, but here in mid-TN we usually only see a little, and that in February...

Love the shot of your sweetie. Is he threatening the Southern Belle with a snowball...?

Miriam said...

oHmygosh! My heart fell into my stomach when you mentioned that Bears had fallen headfirst off the haystack. Thank you God and guardian angels!

Great post! AND I'm so thrilled that the Big Favor 2010 did not fail.

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