Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Musings

Right now... 4:30pm, chilly and overcast. When I woke up this morning at 7am it was almost pitch black outside, so I figured the clock must be wrong and went back to sleep. It wasn't wrong (oops); it's just a heavy cold cloudy day.

This weekend... I spent a lot of time with my husband at the farm. I kept him company and got some exercise by walking with him while he did the awful but necessary job of killing gophers. You drop some poison in their holes so there's never any contact with the creatures themselves. I used to object, but when I saw how much damage they do to the fields and the crops I realized it must be done.

Yesterday (Halloween) we spent most of the day (before the evening Mass) at the farm. Mr. Amazing and I teamed up against his mom on a game of Scrabble, and still only eked out a win by 3 points. The woman is a Scrabble genius.

I'm sad to say we shut the front porch light off and closed the blinds when we got home to dissuade any trick-or-treaters. I'm kind of ashamed. I wanted to wear my PJs without interruption, and yes... I wanted to keep our bag of candy intact (I know, I know!). As we were driving home from Mass, though, we noticed that most of the trick-or-treaters were teenagers and adults! So I don't regret it, too much.

Some plans for the week... grocery shopping. I made a great 4-week meal plan on Saturday, but need some supplies to make it happen. On my baking list (for the month) I have: 16 bagels, 36 flour tortillas, 4 loaves of sandwich bread, 2 loaves of bread for toast, 12 hamburger buns, 4 pizza doughs, 8 waffles, and 16 English Muffins. I rather seriously doubt I'll get it all made this week, but a girl can dream, can't she?

If I find some time for myself, I want to... start making my husband's Christmas gift. I'd also really like a nap.

Special prayer intentions for the week... for pro-life leaders to be elected... and thanksgiving for my father's retirement.

Something that makes me smile... my husband's boyish inability to stay out of the Halloween candy.


Maria said...

Praise the Lord!!!! (about your dad retiring) That is such great news!

Colleen said...

We never hand out candy either. Our excuse is that we live on the second floor, so we let the first floor tenants deal with them...but really we're just too pooped out. Happy All Souls Day and Voting Day...lots or praying going on for both :)

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