Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Prodigal Chicken

On Sunday, you may remember, our chicken hospital pens were ravaged by a stray dog. All 10 sick chickens were missing, and after much searching my husband found 9 of them (though one poor poultry died the next day).

The whole thing has been terribly traumatic, but the fate of the 10th hen has weighed most heavily on us. What happened to her? Why were there no feathers? Where did she go?

I'm happy to report: The Prodigal Chicken has returned! She just walked right up to my husband when he was feeding the other chickens, healthy as a horse (why are horses so healthy?) and as bossy a biddy as ever there was. It really is great to have her back, safe and sound.

There was much rejoicing, and though we didn't kill the fatted calf, we did have an extra cookie bar in her honor.

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Farmer's City Wife said...

No chicken dinner, Katherine, but an omelet breakfast ;).
I'd hate to be a Chihuahua in hawk territory! And I'd hate to be a chicken with
a Chihuahua protecting me :).

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