Thursday, February 17, 2011

Trapezing Without a Net

1. On March 9th, Lent begins. This fact is very significant. My New Year's resolutions typically last five or six weeks, tops. Then Lent comes and I make new resolutions which keep me going another six weeks. So I have a full three months of the year with all of the motivation and accountability I need to be a better person.

But Lent isn't starting this week like it usually does. In fact it doesn't start for another three weeks and my New Year's resolutions have already expired.

How to bridge the gap!?

This week I enlisted the aid of the Communion of Saints, begged for some heavenly assistance, and what do you know? I've been more on top of my resolutions this week than I was the first week of January!

Six weeks in, how are your New Year's resolutions going? My husband hasn't wavered, and his dedication is really helping me.

2. After a whirlwind marathon all-day top-to-bottom "I've had enough of this JUNK" house scrubbing yesterday, I was just now able to receive two unexpected visitors with absolute calm. My husband even suggested we have a party to celebrate and show off the spic-and-spanness. So we can... mess it up again? Bring it!

3. This week, my heretofore (since moving up here) nonexistent social life is starting to expand! This is making me very happy. I'm a melancholic introvert, to be sure, but I do have a sputtering streak of extroverted sanguinity that flares up on occasion and needs to be sated.

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Agnes said...

We love to throw parties when our house is clean. Or, better yet, schedule a party so that we do clean! Cant wait for lent, should be a good one!

Downtown Seattle Restaurants said...

Thanks for your insight for the great posting. I am glad I have spend time to see this.

Farmer's City Wife said...

Yes. The quizzes in the back were the best part ;).

Farmer's City Wife said...

I hear ya! The last several years have been flops for me. I mean, I've done
rigorous Lenten penances, but didn't grow spiritually very much. I was kind of
treating Lent like New Years resolutions instead of as a spiritual season and I
may have gotten a little thinner or more organized or had a cleaner house, but
the spiritual awakening wasn't there so much. So this year I've got three more
weeks to pray and discern how to grow closer to God this Lent :).

Farmer's City Wife said...

My house has gotten clean many a time because of a scheduled party ;). But those
were so stressful!

I love the two days after I've done a thorough scrubbing, when I have nothing to
do. :-D

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