Friday, March 18, 2011

My Nose Knows

As we stepped outside to go to Mass, recently, I remarked, "good gracious, it smells like onions out here!"

I shook my head, trying to deduce the source of the pungent odor. It was so strong my eyes started to tear!

By the time we arrived at church, I had already forgotten the matter, but when I stepped out of the car, there it was again!

"No really. It smells like onions. Don't you smell that?"


My husband agreed that the acrid aroma did hang heavily in the air.

"It almost smells like a truck carrying onions tipped over and spilled onions on the road, and the spillage was minced and mashed by passing cars."

To which my husband shook his head and chuckled a patronizing chuckle, dismissing my girlish theories with a wave of his hand. How, after all, could I smell onions from that far away?

When we drove out to the farm later that day, there, two miles from our house, were onions all over the shoulder on both sides, with smeared onion in the road!

Let me tell you, heroic virtue was needed to keep from gloating... much.


Cheryle Watson Martinez said...

lol Too funny!
When we lived in So Cal, we would pass a onion field quite regularly. Every. single. time. for a couple of months as we drove past, I would ask my husband if he had eerr...passed gas. lol Poor guy!

Farmer's City Wife said...

Cheryle, you made me actually laugh out loud :). That's awful! :-p

Susan Shipe said...

I wrote an article once...."the nose knows!" One up for you, girl!

Emmy said...

This will teach Mr. Amazing to never doubt your intuition again! When the processing plant down the road from mine used to process onions our eyes would water just driving by the plant.

TyKes Mom said...

God bless you for keeping your bragging to a minimum. I would have drove my husband insane for days harping on that one! lol!

Amy said...

lol! Onions are terrible! My mother used to live in a huge onion farming area... even the grass smelled of onions, ack.

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