Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Musings

Right now... I'm preparing study sheets for my nieces. It's intense.

This weekend... was quite productive.

My husband and I are sticking to a new resolution for a half hour of Adoration a day, and with God's grace I've kept my spiritual reading resolution. Daily Mass is back on the schedule as well. The Spring cleaning around the house has kick-started a spiritual Spring cleaning. Lotta cobwebs to get rid of there!

The garden is (mostly) planted and staked, and I (mostly) painted and reupholstered one of the four ugly chairs we own. It was the first time I've ever done anything like this, and the first time in about 8 or 10 years that I used my sewing machine. Once I quieted my inner perfectionist, it was really quite fun. Fear of failure has kept me from doing this since we first got the chairs almost three years ago, but more on that later this week.

Some plans for this week:  finish painting the chair. Plant some herbs and golden wax beans, and get my nieces prepared for their finals. Grind some grain and make whole wheat sandwich bread.

If I find some time for myself, I would like to... type up the next part of The Love Story. I got it written over the weekend but need to type and revise.

Prayer intentions for this week: for my baby nephew who is back in the hospital. For Miriam, in the hospital on bedrest in her 35th week of pregnancy. For my green beans to come up. It's been two weeks and they haven't peeped through the soil yet. I have a hard time with hope.

Something that makes me smile: My husband in his new shirt. Actually it's not new, I just found it during Spring cleaning. Both of these things make me smile.

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Jenn said...

Thanks for the strawberry help! We made smoothies this morning with those, fresh pineapple, and cantaloupe (YUM). And we devoured that pie in 2 days so more desserts just might be on the horizon (although my jeans are screaming, "NOOOOOOooooooooo...." (The scream is fading so I might just ignore it altogether and make something super-fattening.)

Celeste L Behe said...

I'm smiling, too :-)

Farmer's City Wife said...

Holy yum. Hey, if you want some strawberry desserts, there was a great "roundup" of them on The Pioneer Woman's blog yesterday. :)

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