Monday, May 2, 2011

Musings of a Monday in May

Right is 4pm and I'm about to head out to our prospective property to take a look at a possible future homesite. Does it get any more tentative than that, and yet does it get any cooler? I can't wait!

This weekend... seriously? Divine Mercy Sunday. St. Thomas Sunday. Feast of St. Joseph. Second Sunday of Easter. White Sunday. Low Sunday. End of a 54 day Rosary novena. End of the Divine Mercy novena. The Month of Mary. Beatification of Pope John Paul the Great. Can you possibly get more grace cranked into one day? I submit that you cannot. I felt the graces all day and am still riding high on them.

Oh, on Friday I listened to a Prince Caspian Audiobook. Good gravy it was awesome. Now I want to hear the rest of them. Lynn Redgrave does an amazing job narrating (except her Aslan voice, which is a little creepy).

Some plans for the week: re-lose all of the weight I lost during Lent and promptly regained the first week of Easter. Oh, but the Octave of Easter was a merry one!

If I find some time for myself, I want to... finish planting green beans. I did all of the green ones, but I've been dreaming of golden wax beans for three years now and have never done it. This year, by golly, I'm going to try to grow them!

Special prayer intentions for this week: for mercy upon Osama bin Laden's soul. For my dear sister-in-law and her due-in-six-weeks little baby, as they try to postpone the grand debut at least a few more weeks. And for my hands/wrists, which are still acting really funny as soon as I start typing.

Something that makes me smile: my husband when he wears his orange shirt. Don't tell him, but he looks really sharp in it.

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