Monday, May 16, 2011

Raspberry Zinger in Haiku

 Image from: The Savvy Shopper

Hot tea. Burns. Hurts. Ick.
Illness. Sore throat. Pain. Rasp. Cough.
Lozenges don't work.

Hot tea brings healing.
Raspberry Tea with honey.
Throat says, "Thank you, tea."

*Polite golf clap.*

Slight bow.

I have a new appreciation for the stuff, I tell ya!


Marie said...

Are you feeling better? That's one thing I need to get is an actual selection of teas. I dont drink tea except Lipton iced in the summer..But, we had a priest and monk stay with us, and the monk asked for tea..I was quite ashamed when that's all I had to offer him... 

Farmer's City Wife said...

Oh, I'm feeling a little better, I think, thank you :). I don't have a sore throat anymore!
Yeah, guests are the ones who indirectly forced me to expand my selections. Earl Gray wasn't enough, so now I keep Raspberry Zinger, Lipton, Earl Gray, and some Tangerine Vanilla or something -- I like the sweeter teas but I still can't really get to liking the plain or really leafy kinds. :)

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