Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Great Irony

Our bread and butter is, mostly, from cherries.

The most stressful week of our year is from cherries.

The preoccupying diversion for the majority of the year is, you guessed it, cherries.

I just went to the freezer to load my smoothie with cherries and... horror of horrors, not a single one!!

The Bing trees in the orchard were just harvested clean.

HOW COULD WE FORGET TO PICK CHERRIES FOR OURSELVES?? This is going to be a long cheerless cherry-less year.

At least my zucchini plants are prolific.


Karmbrown said...

I'm sure you could find a few skirted bing trees! :)  We are using Vans to make jam and to freeze and to make into fruit leather.  We've used them before, and they work just as well as Bings.

Farmer's City Wife said...

Oh, I know we can eat Vans (and I actually kind of prefer them), but Bings have a kick to them that's hard to beat :).

Jennie C. said...

Zucchini smoothies?  I don't know if I would go there if I were you. ;-)

Karmbrown said...

Well then, talk to Robert--he knows where all the skirted trees are.  I think he made a grid of them!

Farmer's City Wife said...

hehehe True enough! But I'll wager zucchini makes better bread than do cherries.. :) (maybe... now that I think about that, I'm not so sure).

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