Friday, August 21, 2009

Free Friday

It's Friday. Which (until October) means free chocolate.

Yesterday my sister-in-law and I canned salsa! We still have tomatoes coming out of our ears. The jury is out on the recipe we used... it might be more like diced tomatoes, peppers and onions swimming in vinegar. Can't wait to break into a jar of it, though, just to see if a whole day's labor was in vain.

I'm just about ready to start schooling the girls. We start on Monday. I've been busily preparing their schooling space, getting supplies, making lessons... I hope they actually learn something this year!

The School"room"

The bookshelf (paints, glue sticks, extra erasers and readers can be found on bottom shelf... textbooks on the 3rd, fabric/ribbons, dry-erase tablets, mod-podge and some craft books are on the 2nd shelf... top shelf detail below).

The construction/colored paper and wavy-edged scissors I'm particularly excited to use.

Paintbrushes, crayons, mechanical pencils...

Markers and colored pencils (in old salad dressing jars)...

Pens, pencils, dry-erase markers.

All on the "supplies wall."

We'll see how long this system works. I'm cautiously optimistic :).

In the meantime, it's making a wall of my living room quite colorful.

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Anne said...

I LOVE the supplies wall. Can you make one for my house???

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