Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thanks Mom!

Remember last week when I had $96 in overdraft fees? My mom told me I just had to call the bank and they'd remove it.

So today I called the bank, and within 45 seconds, I had $96 added to my account! (and I signed up for free overdraft protection)

Oh happiness. Oh joy!

To celebrate the forgiveness of my debt, I'll share a few freebies with you.

Apologize to someone by giving them a free taco. It can only be redeemed on Forgiveness Day (8/27) from Taco Del Mar (or be greedy and send it to one of your own e-mail addresses to get the taco all for yourself) ... and be forewarned, this site is a little strange.


Get a free artisan mini bread at Target (coupon is $1 off, the breads are 99cents; hence, free)


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