Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Aw, Nuts

For the last few weeks, I've intermittently heard a heavy pitter patter from above our bedroom, coming from either the roof or the attic. At first it was kind of exciting. My Aunt Debbie in Louisiana has lived with a family of possums under her bathroom for decades. Her possum-in-the-tub stories are the epitome of family lore. But I don't think we have those things up here.

Considering the actual possibilities, I was hoping for a mouse. After a concert of thump thuds, however, I've come to the realization that there's no mouse on earth who could produce so much noise. Rats? No telltale signs.

Then I saw him.

 He's cute to be sure.

And he's fat.

So he makes lots of noise.

But he's stealthy.

Squirrel stories aren't as amusing as possum stories, but they have cuter mug shots.

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