Thursday, September 17, 2009

Small Successes


1. I haven't gone grocery shopping in a month. Our pantry, freezer and fridge are now completely depleted cleaned out, paving the way for creative meals (that parsley pesto pasta was pretty palate-pleasing, actually).

2. I overcame my lifelong fear of volleyball (after my piano teacher from k-12th grade warned me it would kill my wrists and leave me maimed) and actually hit some well-placed balls. It was fun! But OH it is a painful sport (and not one I'd recommend for someone in the height of piano competition season)!

3. This is the biggest success ever: I returned more movies on time! Actually they were 3 days late, but Blockbuster didn't charge me! I consider that a huge success.

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Amy Caroline said...

I hate grocery shopping!! In the last few months I have tried to not go as often as possible. Only buying fresh fruits and veggies and a few extras. I love cooking, but NOT grocery shopping.

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