Thursday, May 6, 2010

Flat on my Back Successes


1. Had 35+ students Confirmed! (Okay, it's not even remotely my success, it's God's. But... um... I made the punch for the party!).

2. I've been bed-ridden much of this week (it's a good thing, it means the medicine is working!). I had two options for the flat-on-my-back time: getting computer work done for the impending upcoming cherry harvest, or Netflix. I chose: both. I can even multi-task when I'm bed-ridden, people!

3. Cleared out my inbox by responding to e-mails. Usually I stare at them, thinking of something to say, until all danger of warranting a reply has passed (a la one of my favorite short essays, "On Unanswering Letters" by Christopher Morley). Then I file them away. But this week I actually blew my friends' minds and replied!

Check out others' small successes and share your own this week at Faith & Family Live.


Cassidy said...

I'm glad the medication is working, although I have no idea what it's for. No matter what it's for it is always nice to have medicine actually work.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are up and about soon!

I also have to share that I am often the same way with my emails. I hold on to them, thinking that somehow magically time will appear and I will go back and answer them. By then I had 500 emails (most from Facebook) and the cannot find the ones I needed to reply too!

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