Friday, July 16, 2010

Cheap Doesn't Pay (Unless It's Free Friday)

I feel like I'm 6 years old again. I've gotten caught doing something I knew I shouldn't be doing and now I have to ask for help. Ouch.

I was cleaning my ear with a store brand Q-tip. I know you're not supposed to do it, that it's not necessary, and that it just pushes earwax further in. But by golly it just makes me feel cleaner. Anyway, I was shoving the earwax further in cleaning out my ear when lo and behold I pulled out the swab and there was no cotton on it! A preliminary search in my ear did not produce said cotton. My husband got out a bright flashlight, a mirror, tweezers, everything... and no fuzz. But I know it's in there.

Initial reaction: I'd better just go to the doctor. Actual action: maybe tomorrow.

But I know it has to come out anyway, so I'll head over to the walk-in clinic and shamefacedly admit my sin. "Doctor, I used 'store brand cotton swabs' instead of Q-Tips."

Free Friday: I like to do completely free stuff only for Free Fridays (no S&H, no buy one get one, etc.) but this coupon (good 'til Sunday only) is kind of an exception, 'cause I could see myself actually using it and thus maybe you could too. It's summer! Have a smoothie at Barnes & Noble (buy one get one free).


Unknown said...


There are a few things I don't skimp on...Q-tips, TP, and Peanut butter!

Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holly said...

Mom says to go to the doctor and get the ear flush that we've been talking about since we were 12 years old ;)

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