Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lists Really Help


I've always been a secret list maker. The secret was so well hidden I didn't know it myself. But the ease with which I am making and crossing them off now makes it indubitably clear that I was born a listmaker! I've been more productive this week than in the last two months combined.

1. Made and canned 7 pints of blueberry and cherry butters, deboned and froze 10 pounds of chicken breasts (using the bones for stock), pitted and froze 8 quarts of cherries, froze 8 quarts of blueberries... call me Laura Ingalls Wilder! (And for those who read this blog on Monday, yes I finally got that English Muffin).

2. Instantly revitalized my marriage by changing my perspective.

3. Went to Confession. Every other week would be much better than my current slacker schedule of every 8 weeks. Sheesh but yay at the same time.

Read others' small successes and share your own at Faith & Family Live.


Unknown said...

AWESOME list! #2 really speaks to my heart. this happens to the best of us. So happy it turned out well. Enjoy your weekend!!

Jenna St. Hilaire said...

You forgot to add "Completely redid the blog's look." It looks great! I love the new layout.

Maria said...

Those butters sound delicious! Great job on all that food preparation!

Joy said...

Great list, congrats on working down your prep list so well, and #2 is so beautiful and edifying.

The blog looks great!

JJ's Mom said...

WOW! What an impressive list from the kitchen alone! I'd love to have all that (or any of it)in my pantry/freezer...I'm jealous! Maybe that's my tummy talking.

Sarah Reinhard said...

Good for you! (And I admit, not only did you make me feel some major drool leaving my mouth with #1, you made me rub my hands together looking forward to MY canning...which won't start til our tomatoes start really coming on...)

Keep it up with the lists! Woohoo (from a fellow listfreak)

Rachel said...

#3 I struggle with this one too! How about we both shoot for 1x a month (which is what the Bishops recommend these days) and try to improve from there? :) Praying for you!

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