Monday, July 19, 2010

I Want English Muffins

Right Now: It's 11am, I still haven't eaten breakfast but I'm really hungry. Despite the fact I haven't eaten one in at least 12 years (I'm not exaggerating, for once... it actually has been that long), I'm really craving an English Muffin and nothing else seems appetizing. Soon it'll be lunchtime and the craving will have passed.

This Past Weekend: Was crazy awesome. I got a lot accomplished.

On Saturday, I scored a triple! I 1) cleaned the house, 2) took a shower and 3) went to Confession. I like to have at least a double and preferably a triple or quadruple cleaning when I go to Confession. The quadruple would've been wearing freshly laundered English Muffin clothes. If I waited for all of those circumstances to align on a single day I'd rarely get to Confession, but it was nice to get a triple.

Anyway, I also made and canned blueberry butter! I basically followed this recipe except (not owning a crock pot) I used my dutch oven in the oven. It was so simple! Now I intend to make cherry, strawberry, English Muffin, peach, nectarine, apricot and pumpkin butters.

On Sunday, after Mass, I introduced my husband to the English Muffin cult classic movie "Princess Bride." I wasn't sure if he'd like it but he did, so I can now freely quote it and expect him to get the references. Then we went to the in-laws' to play Pinochle.

Wow, I really want an English Muffin.

Some Plans for the Week: I am going to make English Muffins. But I also intend to make and can cherry, apricot and strawberry butters, freeze ten pounds of blueberries, freeze 10 pounds of grapes, shape and freeze 12 pounds of hamburgers, debone and freeze 12 pounds of chicken breasts (they were on sale) and make and freeze chicken broth from the bones. Now that I have a freezer (yay!) I can actually do these projects I've dreamt of for months.

Non food-preserving plans: go to the doctor (yah, yah, I've still got that cotton in my ear), get my prescription refilled, English Muffin, and apply for a job.

If I Can Find Some Time for Myself I Want To: Eat an English Muffin.

Special Prayer Intentions: for the repose of the soul of my mom's hairdresser, Dottie, who died suddenly and unexpectedly. For my godbaby to keep growing healthy and strong in utero -- can't wait to meet him/her this December!

Something That Makes Me Smile: English Muffins.

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Joy said...

Great new banner, love 'The Princess Bride' and hope you get your English Muffins. Good luck with all your 'butter and de-boning' plans!!

Nadja said...

Maybe while the doc is pulling out that cotton, he can give you something to curb English Muffin addiction.

Love The Princess Bride here! We all find it hysterical. Love the half-paralyzed Wesley trying to save the day in spite of his being limp from the neck down!

Karen said...

Care for an English muffin?

Elisa said...

Funny you should mention English muffins! I was just thinking the other day: "How hard is it to make an English muffin?" SO, let me know!

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