Friday, September 24, 2010

Goals, Scents, Sweet Gestures

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 98)

I've walked 2 miles towards Rivendell. Just 456 miles to go. Who knew you could get blisters after just 2 miles? But oh, how glorious it is to have a goal. Walk/jog with me? Just use a pedometer and record your mileage each day.

I was lamenting to my nieces today that I had no mail, and they furiously set about doing some craft project in their break between math and vocabulary quizzes. Half an hour later I came in to two smiling girls who announced, "There's mail in your mailbox!" The little dears made me cards.

Note to self: it's wonderful to be on a whole wheat kick, but substituting whole wheat for all purpose flour in recipes is not the way to do it. Unless you're trying to discover a new type of mortar. Blech!


It's cold outside. I love Autumn! It's the season of cardigans, shorter farm working days, apple crisp, microfiber blankets, hot chocolate, steamy soup, misty mornings, early chilly evenings, and, most importantly... my birthday. hehe

We had a lot of fun doing this easy Fall craft project highlighted on the Crafty Crow (we used watercolors).

I've only ever bought perfume once in my life. It was a teenybopper scent and I've still got it... it makes me smell like cotton candy.
A lady on a plane gave me a perfume sample for Prada Infusion d'Iris, and by only using a drop every three months, I've managed to make it last five years. It's running low and I've got a date to a musical revue (my date doesn't know yet) next week.
Now I remember why I don't buy perfume -- besides inevitably giving me a headache, the stuff costs more per ounce than gold! (But it is still a lovely scent).

Kansas Mom posted instructions for making caramel apples on Tasty Tuesday that includes a recipe for caramel. I think tomorrow I'm going to make another batch of Samoas, and I'll be using her homemade caramel to do it.


Pam Elmore said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog -- I'm so happy when I can make someone laugh!

Hey -- have you discovered Pioneer Woman yet? I think you'd find she shares similar interests to yours, not to mention that whole Green Acres vibe. She's at

Thanks again for stopping by my blog!

Carrien Blue said...

I never wear perfume either.

My husband has made me an essential oil blend or two over the years and they smell quite lovely, and don't give me a headache. Now I just go for straight scents usually, lavender, chamomile, etc.

But he did a blend for himself with pine, cedar, geranium and... something else. IT smelled great on him :)

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