Thursday, September 2, 2010

Schooling, $$, and Burger Buns


Grasshopper, by 3rd grade niece

1. Finally realizing that learning doesn't have to be straight out of textbooks, I'm allowing and encouraging my nieces to use a sketchbook for science. For the life of them they couldn't remember what the thorax and abdomen were, how many pairs of legs, how many compound eyes, or where the breathing pores of insects were until they could "see" it on their drawings.

 Lucy the Butterfly, by 5th grade niece

2. For a few minutes a day and doing something I already do anyway (searching), I'm picking up a ridiculously easy $25 a month, which will go a long way in my tight budget!

Grasshopper, by 5th grade niece
3. I made sesame seed hamburger buns! My husband actually did the eyes opened wide nod two times thing when he tasted them (his "you've cooked perfection on a plate" reaction). Check one more thing off the list of grocery items to buy. They weren't difficult to make and if I do a baking day each month and freeze them they'll be as convenient as store bought.

Unfinished Butterfly, by 3rd grade niece

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Maria said...

Great job! Sounds like a great week. I'm definitely going to be checking into #2 & 3! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

What do the girls use as the models for their drawings? Which science curriculum are you using?

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures!! I need to get back into baking mode. You inspire me. Lately though it has been tough, but now that baby is here, hopefully I can get back on track!

Farmer's City Wife said...

Hi "Anonymous" :). The girls are using Seton's curriculum, and I've got them both working out of the 5th grade book: "God's Marvelous Works." From the library we're supplementing with DK Eyewitness books for each chapter (we're currently on "Insects,") and Lee J. Ames' book "Draw 50 Insects" for their sketches.

Michelle said...

1.The "science" art work is just beautiful! You hs your nieces? Too cool! 2.It is always nice to add a little bit more money to the budget!! 3.I haven't been baking my own bread or rolls because it is just too hot. Running the oven only to make the ac run just doesn't seem worth it. Your post is making me long for them again! Great week!

Monica said...

Great sketches!! How wonderful. And good job on the hamburger buns as well. We don't buy hamburger buns either, rather use toasted 12-grain bread. But the homemade sounds wonderful!

Anonymous said...

These pic are very good! How old are your nieces?

Mary said...

Wow! Awesome sketches.

Baking day? Do tell me more about that? I have tried various times to bake my own bread, but it's so time consuming, esp since I have to bake so much for our family of 6. How do you do it?

Farmer's City Wife said...

They are 8 and 10 :)

Farmer's City Wife said...

Mary, I think I will do a whole post about "Baking Day" soon :-D. "Stay tuned" :)

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