Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thou Shall Not Steal -- Lesson Learned

My nieces are constantly leaving things at my house. When they go home each afternoon, inevitably there are items left behind. Jackets, hairbands, crumpled socks... I could start a thriving second hand shop for their "forgotten" items.

About four months ago they left a hairbrush. It was a nice one -- wooden handle, broad head, soft tines.

"I think I'll hang on to this one," I thought as I stowed it in the bathroom. Of course if they asked for it back or said they were missing it I would produce the item, but maybe this would teach them to keep their belongings together and use their backpacks.

Yesterday my fifth grade niece spotted it.

"Hm... is that my old brush? There was a reason we quit using this one. Let me think... oh yeah! That's the one we dropped in the toilet!"

Remind me never to touch any of their stuff, ever ever never ever again.


Maria said...

BUAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!! That is so awesome. That brush was originally mine, and yes, it was the greatest brush I ever saw. Gabriele gave it to me. Stephanie boiled the thing after it fell in the toilet, by the way; the girls just have a lingering prejudice against it for some reason.


Rachelle said...

Once we've red-flagged an item, it's over--no amount of strerilizing will ever make it okay! For example, the towel that Keith used to trap the bat in the house will never touch my skin again--even if he boils it for 24 hours!

Colleen said...

Eeewwww! What a great post to introduce me to your blog :)

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