Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm A Success This Week


1. I vacuumed. Due to extraordinary extenuating circumstances, I have to borrow a vacuum from our in-laws each time the floors need attention. I wasn't scheduled to solicit the sucker for another week or so, but a certain fifth grader, who shall remain nameless, spilled the contents of a rice heating bag all over the carpet. It blended in beautifully with our amazing camouflages-everything-but-red-koolaid-carpet, but made for seriously uncomfortable barefooted walking. I'm glad to report that the grains are good and gone.

2. I packed a full two hours before we left for our roadtrip last weekend! And I actually made a list the night before so I wouldn't forget anything!! When I spent a semester abroad in college, I'd routinely pack and be ready to go to another country for the weekend on 5 minutes' notice. But it doesn't work quite so well these days, and while my personal proclivity for procrastination was inkling for indulgence, I tamed the internal tempter and planned ahead.

3. I took the second step* to overcoming my social phobia (the first step being to admit it) and went to a book club, even though I hadn't read the book! I had the time of my life. Faithful young Catholics with razor sharp intellects? I love this group.

Read others' small successes and share your own.


the Bear said...

HAHAHA! When I saw the headline "I vacuumed" I actually laughed out loud. I know the feeling. Vacuuming is so odious and yet after I've actually done it I feel such a wave of triumph.

Not for print: Love how you verbed the word "inkling".... ;)

Masha said...

I envy you your bookclub! I've tried desperately to start one, with no success. Maybe I should move to the west-coast, they seem to be in abundance there!

Farmer's City Wife said...

Thank you :-D. I actually had to whip out the thesaurus for that one :)... I
sincerely appreciate your kind comment!

Farmer's City Wife said...

Schweet successes, Jenn! Sleep deprivation (along with low blood sugar) usually
turns me into Mt. Vesuvius (constantly on the verge of exploding, to boot), so
any and all accomplishments during a red-eye time are automatically bumped up to
medal of honor status.

Here's hoping Sammy's sleep training sticks!

Farmer's City Wife said...

Especially of the phobia kind :).

Farmer's City Wife said...

I was in Western Europe, but went 6 times to Rome :). It's pretty much the
greatest place on earth! I spent hours just sitting in St. Peter's Square,
climbed the cupola twice, became such a repeat at a gelato shop that the guy
called me by name (and remembered my order), did the Scavi tour and Vatican
museums a host of times... some of my fondest memories of life are from Rome. I
was a little jealous of the UD and Christendom students (not to mention the
seminarians at the NAC) who got to call it home.

Someday... :).

Farmer's City Wife said...

Well, there are only five of us (counting my husband and myself)... or at least
just 5 at the one we attended... but each person has amazing insights! :) I'd
never been to one before, but I must say they can be pretty awesome, even with
just a few people.

Farmer's City Wife said...

Thank you for the recommendation (and I hope your budding book club grows and
thrives! they're so wonderful!). My library doesn't have it, but they do have
her "Acedia and Me." So I'll start there :) (and probably end up purchasing The
Quotidian Mysteries in the end).

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