Monday, September 12, 2011

Being a Farm Wife RUINED My Chance at Serving Justice!

56 citizens were called upon.

I was juror #35.

Hours upon hours of questioning, deliberation.

Cut after cut... "you may be excused," and I was still hanging on!

We were down to about 26 people and I had survived all of the previous parings. Anticipation was running high. Adrenaline was pumping.

The case is going to be huge. A suit of possibly millions of dollars, a trial lasting nearly a month, and no murder pictures to have to examine.

I was getting so excited to be on the 12 man team, I could already taste sweet justice.

And then...

"Madame Juror #35 -- are you related to..."

My heart sank.


"And you help on the farm and are familiar with farming terminology and implements?"


"Do you or your family have any grievances against or issues with the irrigation district?"


The suit is against our irrigation district, you see, and a farmer's wife isn't a fair and unbiased person to pick for a trial of this scale. Tainted by association!

Who'd've thunk it? Before going in, I had a thousand ideas of reasons I might be kicked off, but never did I dream it'd be because I'm a farmer's wife!

But, as my husband so jovially reminded me... it makes for great blogging material.


Marie said...

Oh bummer! Ahhh well...I guess if it were reversed, it would be fair enough...Well, you've done your duty...Now, would you please send me some of that cake??? hehehee

karlab71 said... gave my daughter and I a good chuckle. Yep, those biased Farmer's Wives are dangerous citizens in the JURY! Sorry that your thirst for serving justice was not quenched, but your hubby was made a great blog story.

Farmer's City Wife said...

hehehehe :)

Farmer's City Wife said...

hehe, thanks Karla! :)

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