Wednesday, August 12, 2009


My sisters-in-law and I have begun a new project.

First we picked them.

Then we washed them.

Look at how pretty they are in the bowl.

And more...

Then there were the beautiful canning jars.

We had to sterilize them. So we wouldn't die.

Then we had to get the skins off the tomatoes. We boiled them for 30 seconds or so. (Yes, it's hard to take a picture of boiling tomatoes... so I Photoshop-ed this one to make it "artsy" instead of just plain blurry.)

The skins split away very nicely.

It was really really fun to peel the suckers.

Into the jars you go, little tomatoes.

Into the water bath canner. (Be careful, kitty).

They boiled for an hour and fifteen minutes. And then they were done.

The extras were consumed for dinner on homemade bread with mayonnaise and black pepper.

It was an exhausting day's labor.

Goodnight :).

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ehlngreeneyes said...

found you by accident (I don't remember where lol) but I feel like I was destined to read after you! I have not relented to marry a farmer, but I sure am getting the taste of his country life, loving it, but I feel odd sometimes! Personally trying to fit in as I am watcing his ailing mother succuumb to cancer. Thank you for thus far what I've read! I'm at ps dont forget all YOU have to bring to the table! :)

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