Thursday, September 16, 2010

Country Living Initiation Success!


1. Without knowing what yesterday's (September 15th) daily marriage tip from the USCCB was, I did it anyway.

2. I had another initiation into country life! I (literally) separated wheat from chaff! It was invigorating.

My mother-in-law generously gave us a gallon of wheat berries, but since they're straight from the farm (not the store), they still have a little chaff in them. After sitting there for almost an hour picking out the little chaff pieces from the wheat, I called my father-in-law to get some tips. "Do you do this every time?? It takes forever!" He said you have to turn on a fan and slowly pour the wheat from one container to another in front of the fan; the wheat drops into the bowl and the chaff is blown out... do it a few times and you're done.

It worked!! My husband ground the wheat and I made lovely honey whole grain bread. Yum!

3. Using Food Tidings, I brought orange chicken to my sister-in-law who just had a baby. If you haven't heard about Food Tidings, it's a great site that allows you to set up schedules for many different people to bring food to new mothers, or grieving families, or anyone who needs a break from cooking for a while. If you have a supportive community (not strangers; a homeschool group or parish families or even your own local extended family and friends), it's a great way to organize everyone and make sure the new mother is covered!

Be encouraged. Read others' small successes and share your own at Faith & Family Live.


Nicole said...

Great successes! And yum about the bread! I can almost smell it baking!

Unknown said...

I always love stopping by to see what your up to. This is a great week of successes. Really great! I can't wait to try the orange chicken recipe.

Maria said...

Great list! I didn't know about the marriage tips on the USCCB site. I'll have to check them out.

About the vinegar in my dishwasher: I filled the detergent dispenser as much as I could then just poured some more into the bottom of the washer. I didn't measure exactly, just poured what I think was about a cup total. Then I ran it on the quick wash setting & voila!

Off to read your previous post now...

Monica said...

Very nice!!

1. The marriage tips site is cool, I was not familiar with that.

2. The wheat sounds like tons of work (I grew up in a small town, but really wouldn't trade the city/suburbs for anything now. But I have an appreciation for country life for sure.) I'm sure the tasty, homemade bread made it all worth it.

3. Very cool. My friend (Erika Marie) organized meals for me after #2 was born, but just on Facebook/via phone. What a neat online tool.

And RE your comment on my post, glad to see someone else who uses the word "fantabulous". Yes, confession is definitely describable with that term!!

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